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Madrid 2017
Laughter Yoga
LinkCuando ríes, cambias, y transformas todo tu entorno
Madrid 28/30 Abril -2017

Lynda Tourloukis

USA, Master Trainer, Directora de Formación para Líderes, Entrenadores y Ponentes Inspiracionales. Ella inspira personas individuales, grupos, y organizaciones ayudando a que todos ellos encuentren su inspiración dentro de sí, usando distintas formas incluida la risa y el liderazgo todos con la finalidad de conseguir ser mas juguetones en la vida diaria. Sus talleres son inspiradores y abren mentes seguidos de programas y entrenamientos para obtener resultados mas efectivos y eficientes desde el juego.
USA, Master Trainer, former Leadership Director, Coach and Inspirational Speaker. She inspires individuals, groups and organizations helping all move from external motivation to internal inspiration using a variety of modalities including laughter and leadership all with the ultimate experience of becoming more joyful in our everyday lives. Her workshops are inspiring and conscious awakening and follow with programs and coaching concepts for more effective and efficient results joyfully. 


Conferences are one great way to learn so much in a short time and at this first Congreso, we will laugh, play, dance and sing our way into forming a new happy family of friends and colleagues!



 Lynda presents The Game of Laughter

The Game of Laughter is an innovative way to understand the power of choice and personal development by having fun. It helps us learn how to play with ideas and difficulties in life and establishes a whole new way to live by playing with ideas instead of the serious structured way of learning we grew up with.

The Game of Laughter explores change as a catalyst and offers choice where we might not see it or use it otherwise. It then moves us to solution, opportunity and possibility and from there we are more likely to develop resilience in our thinking, uplift our attitude and get better results. Participants share that they just begin to remember more about themselves, what they are capable of and that it gives them permission in a whole new way to create their own "game of life".

Designed with Laughter Professionals in mind, this game asks us to play and laughter 
comes from play... participants however roar with laughter as they enjoy the experience.


Laughter on the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a tool of dynamic meditation for some and for others it is an opportunity to play with patterns that develop. It is similar to a maze, yet has only one path, which leads us on an inward journey. Once we find our center we can reflect on what we learn to contribute externally. Laughter finds its way into the labyrinth much like it finds its way into our bodies and when it does we can learn some healthy and happy ideas to play with it for more effective and efficient results.

Lynda Tourloukis uses the Labyrinth in a variety of ways to enhance individual, group and organizational relationships and skills in personal development. She also creates unique designs for a variety of groups and has created the first "Laughing Labyrinth" in the world at the Laughter Yoga University in Bangalore, India. She created the second "Laughing Labyrinth" on a trampoline in California and brings to this congress a third "Laughing Labyrinth" on parachute, ready for a playful adventure. 




Se han detectado ingerencias de personas que ofrecen Certificaciones como Líderes o Monitores en Yoga de la Risa sin tener capacitación de la Universidad Internacional de Yoga de la Risa.

Por ello si les ofrecen alguna de estas opciones, seguro que los estan estafando:

  • Certificación por internet con manual y Certificado // Todas las Certificaciones son presenciales
  • Certificación en una tarde o en un día con manual y Certificado // Son dos días seguidos de Capacitación
  • Certificación a cambio de la voluntad o aportación consciente // La certificación en Europa es por 250€

Para cualquier duda, póngase en contacto con  nosotros y le indicaremos si se trata de un Profesional Habilitado

Les pedimos disculpas por estos inconvenientes, pero en la sociedad actual ya se sabe que hay personas que han perdido el respeto a las normas que regulan el fluir sostenible con coherencia.


Les agradecemos su colaboración, por la imagen clara y limpia del Yoga de la Risa

Master Trainer Javier Ruiz Gómez



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