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Madrid 2017
Laughter Yoga
LinkCuando ríes, cambias, y transformas todo tu entorno
Madrid 28/30 Abril -2017
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The Founders of the University of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria & Madhuri Kataria, and the Master Trainer in Spain Javier Ruiz Gómez ,

Wish you a "Happy Laughter Yoga 20th anniversary",

And we cordially invite you to participate in the First Congress of Laughter Yoga in Spain.
Packed with new and innovative tools, emphasizing the emotional intelligence applied with the laughter Yoga, from the four departments of the University, dedicated to the game, dancing, singing and painting

Ho Ho Ha Ha


Professionals share their experiences and knowledge with the attendees to the Congress, intending to cheer and enrich our personal and professional lives

Javier Ruiz Gómez

"Master Trainer of Spain (Vigo - Madrid) postgraduate University expert on humanization of health and of Social intervention", technical engineer in computer science, Personal and business Coach, advisor in Natural Health, President of the NGO: AGATE, Director of the Spanish laughter Yoga Institute.

Humor and laughter’s Ethics as personal and social communication vehicles

  More about Javier Ruiz Gómez

Manuela Sousa

Medical Doctor, laughter Yoga leader (Portugal), founder of the international network of the scientific knowledge about laughter.

 Guest of Honor at the first Spanish Congress of laughter Yoga for her experience and knowledge on humour and laughter in the medicine field.

Humor, Laughter & their scientific basis

More about Manuela Sousa

Begoña García Larrauri

Doctor in psychology, Laughter Yoga Leader (Valladolid), author of several books on Humor and laughter.

Guest of Honor at the first Congress Spanish of laughter Yoga for her experience and knowledge on Humor and Laughter in the field of education

Humor, Laughter & personal development


More about Begoña García Larrauri


Liliane Akiki

Physiotherapy consultant & Lecturer, Laughter Yoga leader in the Middle East (Lebanon),  She is also an international physiotherapy Instructor, and corporate consultant advisor

Guest of Honor, for her experience in the public health & work places sectors, and her distinguish Laughter experience amidst the conflicts in the Arab world

Coming from Lebanon to share her experience with Laughter Yoga as a Therapy within the communities, in schools & universities and at work places


More about Liliane  

Fabrice Loiseau

First Master Trainer of Laughter Yoga in France

Fabrice works on the positive thinking through his French Laughter Yoga Institute; in addition, he is an international corporate motivator

Coming right from France to share his experience at work places fields & Laughter Yoga

More about Fabrice Loiseau   



Lynda Tourloukis

USA, Master Trainer, Director of training for leaders, coaches and inspirational speakers

Let’s play at the Labyrinth of life

More about Lynda Tourloukis

Ana Banana

Founder of laughter Yoga school in PORTUGAL - Oporto,

Professor of laughter Yoga



Laughter Yoga in Portugal 

More about Ana Banana


Manolo and Juana

Juana D. Laserna:

Specialist Instructor in therapeutic pedagogy

Manuel Aranda:

IT. Laughter Yoga teacher. Founder of the Social Club of laughter "Flower of the olive tree" in Jaén.

Let’s play? refining our playful and childlike attitude

 About Manolo and Juana

Erika Ruiz

International ambassador & Laughter Yoga Teacher, USA - Miami
Laughter Yoga at the business world

More about Erika Ruiz



Iago Taibo

Positive Psychologist , Laughter Yoga Leader, (Madrid)


Humor at business



 More about Iago Taibo



Rossana Carrasco

Laughter Yoga Teacher, Naam & Raimbow Yoga Teacher, MEXICO - Mexico DF

Advanced Naam Yoga & Advanced Raimbow Yoga for children for Laughter Yoguis


More about Rossana Carrasco



Javier Muriel

Laughter Yoga Leader, Hata Yoga Teacher, (Huelva)

Advanced Pranayama for Laughter Yoguis

  More about Javier Muriel

Ananda Das

Laughter Yoga & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, INDIA, (Barcelona)

Advanced Kundalini Yoga for Laughter Yoguis

More about Ananda Das


Micaela Barrasa (La Chamana de la Risa)

Laughter Yoga Teacher, Laughter Therapist, Clown from improvisation & Game, Master of Reiki (Madrid)

The Chamanism & Laughter

More about Micaela Barrasa

Alexander Moser

Laughter Yoga Teacher

and business Coach,



Emotional Inteligence aplied with Laughter Yoga


More about Alexander Moser


Emiliano Benevides

Music Therapist, Laughter Yoga and Guided Meditation’s Instructor

Active meditation guided with percussions and laughter, and followed by a waterfall of sounds


More about Emiliano Benevides

Pilarte Lopez, Kurlyklown

Specializing in laughter of different approaches such as Clown, Laughter Therapy being also a Laughter Yoga Leader

Her presence will originate happy surprises,?, Ho Ho Ha Ha

 More about Eva Pilarte


Andrea Elena Ruiz Brunetti

Laughter Yoga Leader, Reiki Therapist, Singer

Administrator in charge of the Congress and she will teach us to sing within the laughter Yoga Group

 More about Andrea

Selene y Koldo

Selene and Koldo will be subsidizing their knowledge about Laughter Yoga and Humor

Selene will make us enjoy the dances of the world within the Laughter Yoga,
Koldo will accompany us with his presence and Word dealing with the topic of humor during the symposia and dialogues in the mirror


More about Selene y Koldo

Abby y Giovanny

Laughter Yoga Teachers,
Abby is also a psychologist and Giovanny a fantastic dancer
They are coming from Venezuela to share their experiences in the world of health with the Laughter Yoga
More about Abby y Giovanny 


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Since learning Laughter Yoga changed my life completely , now when something happens that is not to my liking first thing I do is laugh and from there because I face anything from joy and helps me to live life enjoying being alive. Thanks Dr. Kataria .

After having lived experiences of living happily without joy, with the help of Laughter Yoga Now I can live from the constant joy.
Thanks , Thanks, Thanks

Attending to the Certificate course as Leader in Laughter Yoga has been " a wonderful experience " and has meant a return trip connecting with inner joy that has since returned to flow more naturally and spontaneously . All my thanks to Javier Ruiz for his dedication and guidance on this trip and shared laughter. A course highly recommended both for those who want to use a personal and transformative to know how to infect others with your joy ... I summarize in one sentence level : " Very Good , Very Good , Yeah .... HA HA JA ... " And  thank you , thank you ... Lydia , from London


Reasons for the Congress




Se han detectado ingerencias de personas que ofrecen Certificaciones como Líderes o Monitores en Yoga de la Risa sin tener capacitación de la Universidad Internacional de Yoga de la Risa.

Por ello si les ofrecen alguna de estas opciones, seguro que los estan estafando:

  • Certificación por internet con manual y Certificado // Todas las Certificaciones son presenciales
  • Certificación en una tarde o en un día con manual y Certificado // Son dos días seguidos de Capacitación
  • Certificación a cambio de la voluntad o aportación consciente // La certificación en Europa es por 250€

Para cualquier duda, póngase en contacto con  nosotros y le indicaremos si se trata de un Profesional Habilitado

Les pedimos disculpas por estos inconvenientes, pero en la sociedad actual ya se sabe que hay personas que han perdido el respeto a las normas que regulan el fluir sostenible con coherencia.


Les agradecemos su colaboración, por la imagen clara y limpia del Yoga de la Risa

Master Trainer Javier Ruiz Gómez



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