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Venue & Schedule

The congress will be held from the 20th till the 22nd of March 2015, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be holding all activities in the enclosure of the Centro de Congresos y del Albergue where we will be enjoying the great facilities and the marvelous gardens that are offered to practice Laughter Yoga outdoors accompanied by lots of new friends from all over the world.


During and following the congress, various events detailed below will be held and developed by the Master Trainer of Spain Javier Ruiz Gómez:

  • "Laughter & Silence Spiritual Retreat ", from Marcha 23 to March 27.

March 23- 27, 2015. Developped by Dr. Kataria, and given by him or by the Master Trainers of each country in order to guide us during a voyage in our inner starting from the conscience, and open to everyone whether they are professionals of Laughter world, beginners or curious, it’s open in general to all those who want to feel what the transforming power of silence & Laughter would bring them.

 "Laughter Yoga Teachers Training and Certification" , from Saturday March 28th till Wednesday April 1st

If you want to become a Laughter Yoga Teacher/Professor for your personal growth or to give basic courses or Laughter Yoga Leaders courses, this would be your choice.
In this case the 20% of the benefits will go directly to India, to Dr. Kataria Fundation, to help Building the University. Ho Ho Ha Ha

The fee is Eur 165€ and includes your participation to the Congress from 20th March (6 p.m.) to 22th March (16:00 a.m.where the Congress ends).
(Fee include the costs for the entrtance, nights at the Albergue, the meals and the participation at “Laughter Yoga Advanced Program for Professionals” with our Master in Spain because in this time will be for free)

Special price if you book by 31th January

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The participation fee is only Eur 165€ if you book before January 31th

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The participation fee for “Laughter Yoga Advanced Program for Professionals”, with the Master is complimentary at no cost because the fancy master of Spain wishes to promote a high quality of Laughter Yoga and with your help and assistance together we can promote this congress to expand and influence Spain in a happy and healthy way.

Prices of the Centro de Congresos & Albergue

In the Centro de Congresos & the Albergue facilities we will be celebrating Friday afternoon, Saturday all day, and Sunday morning, while as Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to laugh at the parks of the city.

The Centro de Congresos & the Albergue dispose of bedrooms, relaxation zones, gardens, restaurant and all what you need to spend some dream days onto the mountain of Guadarrama.

Wi-fi is available at the Centro de Congresos & the Albergue as well as parking.

Full Board (breakfast, 2 buffet meals)

  •  Double room Eur 40€ per day/per person
  •  Double room for single use Eur 55€ per day/per person

  Half board

  • Food/Diner Extra  10€ per person
  • Extra lunch/dinner Eur 5€ per person

Entrance to the enclosure (if not boarded, 10€ day/ person, parking/use of facilities, included en the Entrance fees)

Special offer for Convention members: enjoy the relax!

Site: http://www.Albergue.htm

How to subscribe to “Spanish Convention of Laughter Yoga”

You have to fill the participation form here

Once you send the form you will receive all the information to pay the fee by bank transfer.

If you wish to have the special rate, you have to book by January 31th.

Exhibitor area: share your services, proposes and publicize yourself

There will be an area for exhibitor in the structure, near the hall, in order to give everybody a chance to promote their activity or Association or to sell pertinent products.

Send a mail to congreso @ laughteryoga.es, describing which products/services/informations you wish to promote, for more informations

Convention website: http://www.laughteryoga.es

Administration office: congreso @ laughteryoga.es




La Universidad de Yoga de la Risa te informa de que NO existen cursos de Yoga de la Risa a distancia, ni por Internet certificados por ella. Todos son presenciales. Si alguien te ofrece un curso que no sea presencial, NO lo aceptes.

Y si sabes de alguna persona que esté dando a conocer el Yoga de la Risa sin tener certificación para ello u observas que hace algo que no se ajusta a los valores que promueve la Universidad, por favor, háznoslo saber. Así podremos ofrecer una información apropiada y actualizada a quienes nos la soliciten y preservaremos la calidad de esta disciplina.

Contribuye a mantener la buena salud del Yoga de la Risa mediante el  RADAR - OBSERVATORIO para evitar fraudes e irregularidades no deseables en su práctica.



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