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Amazing speakers’ doctors in medicine, psychology and human sciences, as well as motivated or cultural presenters, will be boosting with their experience the value of Laughter Yoga which had contributed at high extents, in promoting global health since 1995.

Members of the Laughter Yoga Foundation, all the Laughter Yoga Associations in Spain and all those willing to learn or deepen in Laughter Therapy and its meaning, are invited to participate.


10 Reasons to attend the Congress

  1. Unite all Spain through laughter
  2. To give the opportunity to those beginners who want to learn and experiment wellness and happiness through Laughter Yoga and to make them connoisseurs of how it had inspired other people in more than 72 countries.
  3. To publicize and disclose the philosophy and the practical methodology of Laughter Yoga through the Basic Course to learn to laugh individually in a healthy way, during the Congress (with the particularity of being trained by Master Trainers and/or Professors from various countries).
  4. Give the possibility to the most expert to update their knowledge with the latest development of the University of Laughter Yoga in Bangalore- India and be part of the mentoring for other less experienced Leaders or Professors.
  5. Enable those attending the Congress and wanting to deepen their knowledge to do the course again or to get Certified as Professors including getting access to the First Silence  & Laughter Retreat in Spain, in Spanish following the Congress.
  6. To contribute in sharing knowledge, experiences and points of view.
  7. To enrich the practice of humor and laughter in different areas: Health, education, sports, rest/retreat/leisure, work places…
  8. To get introduced and meet the Hispano speaking Laughter Yoga Professionals, get connected to the network and activate the Laughter Yoga in order to generate, amplify and/ or strengthen international networks to exchange researches and experiences. https://www.facebook.com/groups/UniversidadYogadelaRisa/
  9. To promote and encourage founding Laughter clubs within the society.
  10. To establish upright relations between the participants, to contribute in personal enriching and entertainment, as well as for that the stay in Guadarrama, from all points of view, results unforgettable.

Methodology: :

  1. We will learn from the experts whom we will meet, that through pre-formulated questions, will dialogue with other experts or with the participants at the congress, each according to their specialization. It’s meant to establish an egalitarian dialogue in order to clarify doubts and extend knowledge.
  2. Workshops will be held in order to promote good humor and Laughter, led by professional experts renowned at national and international levels.
  3. We will learn to discuss with those who got real tough experiences in which good Humor and Laughter have had an essential role. Those people will have the opportunity to make us parts of their experience in overcoming it.



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Se han detectado ingerencias de personas que ofrecen Certificaciones como Líderes o Monitores en Yoga de la Risa sin tener capacitación de la Universidad Internacional de Yoga de la Risa.

Por ello si les ofrecen alguna de estas opciones, seguro que los estan estafando:

  • Certificación por internet con manual y Certificado // Todas las Certificaciones son presenciales
  • Certificación en una tarde o en un día con manual y Certificado // Son dos días seguidos de Capacitación
  • Certificación a cambio de la voluntad o aportación consciente // La certificación en Europa es por 250€

Para cualquier duda, póngase en contacto con  nosotros y le indicaremos si se trata de un Profesional Habilitado

Les pedimos disculpas por estos inconvenientes, pero en la sociedad actual ya se sabe que hay personas que han perdido el respeto a las normas que regulan el fluir sostenible con coherencia.


Les agradecemos su colaboración, por la imagen clara y limpia del Yoga de la Risa

Master Trainer Javier Ruiz Gómez



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